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About Us

Comics have been an instrumental and creative catapult for Dave Alvarez Studios. The quality of our studio came to the eyes of the major world producer Warner Brothers , which by for 12 years have given us the honor to work on pictures of their primary titles like " Looney Tunes " .
Since 1999, we have given life to characters as Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Sylvester and others. ,Looney Tunes prove that they are still making us laugh in any medium .
In addition to delineating comics for Looney Tunes. DA Studios will also prepare Storyboards  and promotional art for WB Animation and WB Consumer Products.
In 1999 , Da Studios bring the characters known as "Monkey Jay, Tiger- D and Roberto " puppets. The fame of these characters achievement in 2001 move them to have their own tv show called "Radio Mostro " .
In 2000, DA Studios joins Montilla Television Group and Leon Animation Studio for the creation of what would become the first Puerto Rican pilot of an animated family . The result was " Los Del Barrio " breaking all records of tv ratings in October 2000.
In 2002 , the adventures of the girl who dreams of being a fashion model " Yenny " , began to be published by the newspaper Primera Hora and everywhere around the world as " Uclick Go Comics ". Yenny is the first Puerto Rican strip which is now distributed by Universal Press Syndicate , the same company that distributes comics like " Garfield" . Alias ​​Enterprises published a six-part miniseries Yenny that was distributed worldwide. Yenny counted with a statuette figure collection in 2006 , 100 copies were made in total.

In 2004 , EIDOS launched a pilot project in which he took his famous character " Lara Croft " to the animated world . DA Studios worked  on the online animated series .
In 2007 , Kike Koki was published in the newspaper " El Nuevo Día " for 4 years becoming the strip of the people.
 In 2010 , was the historical return of the Muppets to comics. DA Studios illustrated a series of covers for BOOM Studios.
In 2011 , DA Studios was responsible for the comic strip section called " Comics and Games " in the newspaper El Nuevo Día.
Since 2011 , to present DA Studios, has been hired by Warners Bros Animations to design characters and storyboard artist for the Looney Tunes Show, Wabbit, wich aired on Cartoon Network
. Also movies The Flinstone WWE and Tom And Jerry meet a Willy Wonka.
Since 2013 , DA Studios, has been hired by Warners Bros Global Publising to create and give life to a legacy of extraordinary characters like Looney Tunes , Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry  and DC Super Heroes. Published worldwide and translated into more than 79 languages.

Since 2015, Da Studios has been hired by Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and others  to desing characters and storyboard artist for multiples productions.

Dave Alvarez Studios is a Puerto Rican creative studio that offer production services for comics , illustrated educational material , entertainment and other areas for the general public. Created in Caguas, Puerto Rico in 2000 , Dave Alvarez Studios has grown over the years in terms of services , turnover, templates , customers and professionalism. It has evolved from a studio that supplied illustration services to other companies of the same nature to become virtually the only company specializing in production services of their own creations. Dave Alvarez Studios knows the reality of the local market , being able to cover all the needs of its customers with comprehensive and specific solutions. Since 2010 is set as the first local comics publisher in Puerto Rico meeting the needs of its customers by creating high quality material competitive .

From then until now , growth has been a constant in this company , at all levels .


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