Zacha Animation

In 2006, I animated the character Zacha, inspired by a skit taken from comic Yenny. This was one of my extremely rare shorts that was made with pencil and paper. Looking back, the animation is very crude, Zacha's feet sink below the floor at times, and the timing needs to be going twice as fast, but I still like the drawings themselves!


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                               Hey amigos,
                               Welcome to the   

                               new and improved

                               DA Studio webpage.

                               This is the webpage

                               of artist, character 

                               designer, comic

                               book artist and Salsa dancer Dave Alvarez. In a nutshell,  this site gathers every DA scattered page that has been created on the web to make your search more easy.
If you are a fan of YENNY, or love the adventures of CHANGUY or you simply like Alvarez crazy art this is the place to go. So sit around, (unless you are in a mobile phone. Then you might be standing....or lying down maybe...), and read, watch or download a comic or two.

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